Jacob Starnes
How it Started
My name is Jacob Starnes, and I am the owner, sole developer, and team leader of Gemstone Web Designs. I started developing websites after noticing that many businesses need a stronger public image, to assist in boosting sales rather than turn away potential customers. Many good businesses are still presenting cheap websites that look outdated, have poor performance, and don't do a good job informing the customer of the business product/service or of the business itself. I believe a website is like a salesman who never sleeps, and a good website can be a formidable tool for any business.
Show Them Your Value
Why should someone choose your business? Our job is to identify the underlying value you provide, and then design a website that communicates that to the fullest. Website visitors should quickly and painlessly (1) know what you do, (2) who you are, and (3) why you are the best choice.
Pretty Sells
Your website visitors are people. And people look and read for longer when there is a pleasing appearance.
Unbeatable Service
No phone tree systems standing between you and us. Talk with a real person every time you call.
Simple Contract
No monthly contracts. No crazy fees or strings attached. Simple and up-front pricing.
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